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Not all marriages are meant to last, and when a Bergen County marriage ends one party or the other may file an action and seek a decree of divorce. Once granted by a judge, a decree of divorce legally terminates the marriage relationship between the spouses. With nearly every state in the nation providing for some type of “no-fault” ground upon which a divorce can be obtained, some Bergen County residents contemplating divorce may erroneously believe that the process is easy. However, not only can the divorce process be complicated, but also failing to take appropriate action at critical junctures in your divorce case can seriously affects your rights and financial future.

Other Decisions to Be Made as Part of the Divorce Process

In addition to determining whether the filing party’s request for a decree of divorce ought to be granted, a court may need to make other important decisions that can affect the parties to the divorce. Such decisions may include:

  • Child custody: If the parties to the divorce proceeding have children in common, a court will need to establish with which parent the child will primarily reside and what visitation rights the other parent will have.
  • Child support: New Jersey law has established guidelines indicating how much support parents are expected to contribute to the rearing of their child or children in the event their child does not reside with them. A court is required to follow these guidelines in entering a child support order.
  • Division of property: One of the basic functions of a divorce court is to determine what “marital property” the couple acquired during their marriage and then divide that property (or the market value of that property) between the parties in a “fair and equitable manner”. Not only does the court divide property and assets such as vehicles, homes, and/or retirement accounts, but the court will also divide any debts that the parties accumulated (including credit card debts, vehicle loans, and other such jointly-acquired obligations).

Your Bergen County Divorce Need Not Be Complicated

Legal counsel from the experienced and dedicated law firm of Aretsky Law Group, P.C. can help guide you successfully through the divorce process and enable you emerge from the process with a decree of divorce and on a solid financial footing. We will thoroughly explain the choices you will face as part of your divorce, assisting you in making those decisions that will be most beneficial to you once your divorce proceeding is completed.

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