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Spend a day at the Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City and you will see many of your fellow residents enter the halls of justice to attempt to resolve family law matters. Some come to court because the other party has demanded a greater amount of visitation with their child or are refusing to pay child support. Others have determined that their marriage is irretrievably broken and have decided to obtain a fresh start by pursuing a divorce. What these various residents from varying backgrounds have in common is that those who pursue their goals with the assistance of an experienced attorney are likely to fare much better and are more likely to experience a successful outcome than those who “go it alone.” For this reason, Hudson County residents who are involved in a family law dispute should turn to Aretsky Law Group, P.C.

Types of Hudson County Family Law Proceedings

Over the course of our firm’s history, Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has always provided Hudson County residents with experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate assistance with their family law matters. We assist with all manner of family law cases and proceedings, including:

  • Adoptions, which involve the termination of one or both the rights of a child’s natural parents and the establishment of new parental rights and responsibilities in someone who heretofore had not had such rights or responsibilities.
  • Child custody and child support, which are proceedings directly related to the rights and responsibilities of a child’s natural and/or legal parents. Every parent of a child is entitled to have a reasonable amount of visitation with his or her child (so long as the parent does not pose a risk to the child’s wellbeing), but must also contribute financially to the child’s welfare and cost of upbringing. Courts will protect this right and enforce this responsibility if parties do not do so voluntarily.
  • Divorce proceedings, which also require the court to enter orders dividing the marital property of the divorcing spouses, determine if alimony or spousal support is appropriate, and/or taking action to protect one spouse from the actions of the other following the divorce.

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