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Family law cases are some of the longest-lasting and most intense cases that can be filed in New Jersey. A family law case affects the relationships that we hold to be dearest – those relationships we have with our spouses, our children, and our extended relatives. The effects of orders entered in New Jersey family law cases can be profound and far-reaching. What is more, without proper legal representation at each stage of your family law proceedings, you run the risk of making mistakes and missteps that will permanently jeopardize your legal rights.

Entrust your family law case instead to Aretsky Law Group, P.C. For years we have been helping New Jersey residents take command in their family law proceedings and achieve the results they need to move forward with confidence and decisiveness.

Types of Family Law Proceedings in New Jersey

The term “family law cases” encompasses a wide variety of lawsuits and proceedings affecting familial relationships. Some of the more common types of family law proceedings include:

  • Divorce: A divorce is the dissolution of a marriage and requires the court to enter orders affecting not only the legal relationship between the spouses but also the rights each spouse has to any children they may have in common, any property or debts acquired during the marriage, and whether one spouse is entitled to alimony or spousal support from the other.
  • Paternity: If there is any question as to whether a person is the legal parent of a particular child, a paternity suit is the vehicle through which a person can be conclusively declared to be a parent of the child. A finding of paternity is necessary not only to entitle a person to parenting time with the child but also to set up a child support order.
  • Child custody: Parents who share a child in common have a right to spend time with that child so as to develop a healthy parent-child relationship with the youth. Courts generally do not become involved unless the parties cannot agree on an appropriate custody and parenting time schedule.

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