Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ Rights in New Jersey Child Custody Cases

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Separation and divorce can put a tremendous strain on the parent-child relationship. Parents must actively work to promote positive interactions and relationships, especially with the non-custodial parent (usually the father).

Unfortunately, some parents see child custody and visitation as a way to hurt or get back at their former spouse. They place roadblocks in the way of parent-child visitation and actively seek to alienate the child from the other parent.

New Jersey family courts operate from the belief that children deserve love, support and interaction with both parents. The court has upheld the rights of fathers in custody and visitation, and parental relocation cases.

If you are a father who believes that his rights have been violated in a child custody or child support case, contact the Ridgewood family law office of Aretsky Law Group, P.C..

Experience in Complex Child Custody Cases

Aretsky Law Group, P.C., child custody attorneys have the experience and the resources to tackle tough cases. We have earned a reputation in several high-profile child custody cases, including Knepper v. Knepper. We focus our law practice exclusively on family law so we are always up to date on the latest legal trends and court decisions.

Alienation of Affection

Alienation of affection occurs when a parent actively works to undermine a child’s relationship with the other parent. The mother may deny court-ordered visitation. She may prevent the child from receiving phone calls or gifts from the father. She may lie to the child about the other parent. She may seek to move out of state or may actually take the child out of state.

At Aretsky Law Group, P.C., we work to protect the interests of fathers who want to maintain a relationship with their child. We will take a contempt of court order case to court to ensure your visitation rights are honored. We can advise you on whether a modification of child custody could be a possible remedy.

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